How many blogs is one person entitled to create? I’m almost certain it’s always going to be one less than I have.

I’m no stranger to web journaling, suffice it to say. I’ve dabbled in all forms of bloggering short of an honest to goodness window in to my personal life. Shall we take a walk down memory lane?

– The “Best Buy” blog was a masterpiece, if I must say so. In true Picasso form, however, it didn’t have a single fan until it had been long dead. Then it took off…and I’d already been fired. Shucks.

– I had several passive-agressive outlets. Someone piss me off? If face-to-face confrontation wasn’t on the menu, I spewed a bit of net-venom and waited for the pursuant drama. Luckily, I grew up.

– Then we had several one-post wonders. I think I started one about photography, and law school, and my job at the bank. Honestly, I don’t recall them all. They passed by with little more than a death rattle.

Really, when one considers my history, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for this little upstart. I’m not in to false hope, personally…so let me be blunt: if this lasts, it will be miraculous. I’ll give it a shot, but I won’t make promises.

With that lengthy disclaimer (a trademark of mine) out of the way, lets get to the introductory rundown.

The basics:

My name is Tanner James.

I’m a spry 24 years of age at the time of this writing.

I’m a soon-to-be law student at the University of Kentucky.

I’m passionate about a variety of things, and that list evolves routinely. More on this later.

I have a lovely girlfriend.

We have a pain-in-the-ass dog. But I love her. Some.

In five years I plan to be doing something that I love. It doesn’t get much more intricate than that.

Still curious about my passions? That’s a sensitive subject because it’s literally ever-changing. As most children of the 80’s, I probably have some brand of Attention Deficit or Hyperactive disorder. I never took medication for it, but I always managed it well. How? Diverse interests.

As a child, my biggest problem was starting things and not finishing them. I had a short-lived baseball career, a shorter-lived football career, and a hilariously-short-lived Tai Kwon Do stint. I tried painting lessons, skateboarding, rollerblading, ice skating, track and field, tennis, ping pong (still love it), etc etc ad nauseum. I never really found my niche.

It wasn’t until I grew up a bit that I realized that this wasn’t all bad. I didn’t have a severe case of poor discipline, I just needed a bit of inspiration to remain interested in a given activity. I eventually found several niches. Photography, graphic design, writing, personal fitness, and (most recently) bicycling, among others, have become my personal passions. There will be additions and evolutions, but I’ve gained a much better understanding of myself in the past 5-6 years and expect to hang on to many of these for the remainder of my life.

This blog will serve as my personal expression of those passions. I will try to follow my life as closely as possible both for myself and for anyone close to me who wishes to get a better peak at the inner workings. Don’t expect to be blown away with profound insights. This is going to be pretty simple. But I think it’s time to join the rest of the self-important internet authors and talk about myself a little.


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